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Bad Cat


Made in USA

Amp head &
2 - 12 Speaker cab.


A very impressive new offering from Bad Cat.

Itís just a very simple 50 Watt Non-Master Volume EL-34 head for the budget-minded tone-seeker.

The tone is very forward and in-your-face, very British.

Cleans up nice and has plenty of bark when you crank it. Great for rock and hard rock settings.

Plenty loud for any gigging situation. Boutique within reach at this pricepoint, this oneís hard to beat.


* 50 Watts

* 2 EL-34ís, 3 12AX7ís

* Class A/B

* Hand wired

* All USA Made

* Controls: Presence, Bass, Mid, Treble
Volume 1, Volume 2

More details up soon.


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BADCAT BC 50 Amp hand wired in USA 2011.
EXC 'Mint condition'
 Marshall Plexi/ Vox ac 50 inspired. Open back 2-12 cab with BadCat vintage 30's UK made speakers. Black tolex.  

Boutique, hand-wired, simple,
 super clean sparkle and crunch.



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