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500 -4-V

4 pickup
1962 Vintage Eko 500/NO/V4 Electric guitar. 4 pickup
Hazel top, Mahogany back. Tortoise multi ply guard. Trem VGC

These are classic Italian period multi switching guitars accordion style.
All switch combinations working correctly.
Serviced. I will most likely do a light fret dress on this one in near future prior to it being sold.

The guitar has a couple of changes, Improved bridge which is essential compared to the Jag style original which was their main design bug.
Once modded with a couple of phase switches, now cleverly reversed to original ..See pics for details.

Rectangle hard case VGC
Comes with the original Eko blue sparkle vinyl/plastic guitar strap.

Great condition, great playing condition.

Please see photos for extra detailed description.


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A small amount of binding / trim has shrunk.

NOTE : The next three photos show a very neat modification repair where some extra holes had been made
for phase or on/off switching.  Wiring now restored to original.
This thin slide of celluloid material is very neat and suits quite well.

Original Tuners

Propeller fret marker inlays


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