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65-3 3 pickup

Thin Hollowbody guitar with double cutaways,
3 x pickups , Curved control panel.

What a standout looking guitar
1" thick sides like all Verithin models.

A great collectable

Comes with Hiscox flight case.

Mostly original and Exc.

All electrics serviced and working correctly. The upper control panel is original and all switches operating correctly.
The main curved control panel has been worked on and to the best of my knowledge I would say the pots changed but all the components ( capacitors and resistors ) are original as is the rhythm/solo switch, output socket and knobs.

The upper control panel turns each individual pickup on or off so you can select each pickup , one two or have them all on.

The curved panel has a master volume, a tone control for each pickup, a rhythm/ solo selector switch which is more like a tone selection cut/boost and the end control knob is more like a trim pot for overall tone shape.

Great condition, great playing condition.

Just serviced  and plays really well.

This guitar is a new arrival along with others from the collection of Geoff Walton Qld Australia
More details of this collection being sold here at Great Guitars Australia can be found at Geoff's Verithin website.

More description to follow, but please feel free to inquire today.

Excellent condition,


On Hold /
In the workshop for TLC


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