$99 Aud.


Made In Germany

by Norbert Schnepel and Helmuth Lemme

NOTE : This book is written in the German language

However, It has easy to understand, Makers model names, serialization and important facts for those who are interested in some of the rare and unusual, and exciting designs from the 50's & 60's in Germany.

Makers included in this book are

Dynacord,Este, Framus, Glassl, Hofner, Hopf, Hoyer,

Klira, Lang, Neubauer,Roger, Shadow

165 Pages in Hardcover of the most accurate information and pictures on models of Archtop Jazz guitars, Solidbodies, basses.

More information for your collecting pleasure. Although in the German language, I'm sure most will manage.

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Some pictures of what's inside.

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Price = $75 US , $99 Aud. plus postage.