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Spanish classical guitar


Made 1970

'perfect mint condition'

  • HERNANDIS Spanish Classical guitar 1970.
  • Grade A, 
  • Spanish pine top,
  • 655 mm scale
  • 50 mm nut width
  • Indian rosewood back and sides,
  • African Granadillo fingerboard and  Cedar neck,
  • Persian inlaid marquetry on side binding and rosette.
  • MINT condition. With hardcase.

Not only is this guitar a beautiful guitar to look at, the set-up and neck action is perfect. The top is very punchy and responsive with bright piano note like trebles and full musical lower register.

I'm forever being impressed with different 60's and 70's models from Hernandis. Materials are all best choice, workmanship and assembly is of the highest standard ( being finished in Japan ). The shape of the scarfed heel coming to a high point is similar in style to the Kohno and Sakurai guitars.

A concert level guitar I know will impress.

$ 2250 Aud.
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