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New & Used Hofner Guitars In Australia

Great Guitars offers a range of new and some used Hofner parts


CUSTOM MADE GUARDS in original Pearloid

Now available! ....CLEAR reproduction guards. 
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Prices are in Australian dollars. (Aud.)

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Hofner- Gold Cap Radio knobs- German made...each..

$30 Aud.
2 knobs for $55 Aud

Prices in Australian dollars.



Original Hofner- transfer stick-on decal (Large) for headstock and (small) for body.

$30 Aud. .

Original Hofner- Beatle/cavern bass Pearloid pick- guard assembly , including bracket & screw Left or Right hand.

$125 Aud. .

Original Hofner- guitar or bass pick guard bracket only

$20 Aud.

Custom made CLEAR guards for your vintage Committee, 470-4700 models. Plain and Hofner printed available . Inquiries welcome.


Individually made custom pearloid guards for other Hofner models made to order. E-mail me

$100 - $125 Aud.     approx.

Original Hofner- vintage'63 + 40th anniversary bass truss rod cover w/screws

$20 Aud.

Original Hofner- Cavern bass machine heads 2 x strip

Out of Stock

Original Hofner- Beatle/cavern bass machine heads 4x Singles

$150 Aud. 


$12.50 Aud

GENUINE Hand made Original HOFNER Leather guitar straps for Beatle bass. Will suit other Hofners too.

$80 Aud.

Hofner- mini- potentiometer vol/tone ...each

$ 20 Aud.

Hofner- sliding switch - cream (white)

$ 18 Aud

Hofner- Ebony jazz guitar bridge 72/20 N

$ 75 Aud.

Hofner Ebony Jazz guitar bridge, NEW Style, Beautifully made.

$ 75 Aud.

Hofner Rosewood 6 string Jazz guitar bridge, NEW , same as 72/20

$ 35 Aud.

Hofner- Ebony 500/ bass guitar bridge

$ 75 Aud.

Hofner Rosewood bass guitar bridge, NEW , suits 500/1 and others

$ 35 Aud.

Original Hofner/Pyramid - bass strings - round wound - set

$ 150.00Aud.

Original Hofner/Pyramid - bass strings - flat wound - set

$ 175.00 Aud.

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LISTING SOON, From my own parts stock. Various
Original 60's Preh Pots, 250K from 1959 to approx. 1969 $35-$50 Aud each,
 Some assorted switches i.e:  4 way rotary , Roller controls, cream on/off
Various restored ( rewound ) pickups, some p/u mounting frames, short/tall

ALSO...Just in

Various Hofner guitar necks for models 172, 173 and a 12 string neck for electric hollowbody NOS
Condition ranging from  one that is poor and has no frets, two are very useable for projects and two are excellent. Please email for details, photos and prices.
Refer from top to bottom, neck number one to five.


                         NECKS & BODIES

# 1  Hofner 172 guitar neck . early - mid  60's 615mm scale length. 22 frets. Rosewood f'board. Orig frets in good cond. Pearl dot markers. Rear of headstock lacq removed or peeled? Hofner decal. Nut. Good , useable. Truss rod working.

$ 100 Aud.

# 2 Hofner 172 guitar neck . mid-late 60's Good condition 615 mm scale . 22 fret 'Jumbo'. 615mm scale length. Excellent, straight with full frets. rosewood board, Has non orig tuners. no nut.

$ 125 Aud.

 # 3 Hofner 173 guitar neck . early mid 60's Average project condition . 640mm scale length. straight but NO  frets. No lacquer, No nut , No tuners.   . Has had several tuner holes over it's rough life. Let's face it, she's ugly but she can be given a new life. Rosewood board, double dot markers. Good truss rod. 22 frets

$ 50 Aud.

 # 4 Hofner 173 guitar neck . mid 60's Very Good condition close to excellent, straight with full frets. 640mm scale rosewood board, double dot pearl markers. Hofner decal. Nut. 22 frets.

$ 175 Aud.

 # 5 Hofner electric 12 string guitar neck . mid-late 60's Very Good condition .Excellent, NOS, unfinished straight with full as new frets. ebony board, pearl block markers 22 frets. Pearl Hofner headstock inlay with fancy pegface design. Suits electric hollowbody thin project.

$ 225 Aud.

Hofner 172/173 guitar neck . mid-late 60's Very Good condition .Excellent, straight with full frets. rosewood board, black lacquer back and headstock,

$ 125 Aud.

Hofner Congress neck . 1962 Very Good useable condition , lacquer is in good condition,  Truss rod works, frets look ok and the neck to heel has been professionally reglued and prepped for resetting into your Congress body. Click for more photos.

$ 195 Aud

Original Vintage late 1964-65 Hofner 500-1 Beatle Bass neck .
Rare and in excellent condition. Complete with tuners, bushes, Raised 3d Gold Hofner logo.  A beautiful fingerboard with great frets.
Good lacquer and colour.

Truss rod works correctly.

Rare and expensive but how difficult to find a replacement when you need one.



Original Vintage late 1964-65 Hofner 500-1 Beatle Bass BODY .
Rare and in Very good BUT Modified condition.  I've decided to part out this project as this body had an extra pick-up mounted near the neck pickup
Extra holes made.  It can be carefully restored .
An otherwise beautiful example of the vintage violin bass, colour and binding is excellent and will make a very good project or replacement for an instrument that may be in need.



1965 Hofner 176 Galaxie  Electric guitar body . Solid , light-weight Vintage Good useable condition,  mid-1960's. couple of extra guard screw holes

$ 175 Aud


                           TUNERS - BRIDGES - TAILPIECES/ TREMOLO

Hofner 172/173 tremelo arm , will suit other models. 1 x original 1962 now SOLD, one stainless steel replica SOLD Very good condition


1963 Hofner 173  tuners 3 available
1 x VG @ SOLD
2 x useable to repair your own, @ $10 each .
Good tuner buttons and gear, broken / chipped string post

$10 each .

Hofner 177 Metal tulip tuners 2 available $25 each Very good condition but without rear covers

$ 25 Aud

Hofner 500/1 Beatle Bass tuners early 1960's    $50 each Good condition


1965 Hofner tuners 3 per side,  VGC with bushes and screws


1967 Hofner 3/3 a side guitar tuners, hump back, metal,  Suits various models, with bushes and screws VGC selling as a set

$ 250Aud.

1967 Hofner bass tuners, hump back,  VGC selling as singles $50 each , 3 VGC or 1 without back cover @ $30 or set, Inquire.

$ 50 Aud.

Hofner 1963 Galaxie 172, 173, 176 (and other models) Tremolo system Complete , Including arm Nickel /chrome, spring, No tip. Good condition


Hofner 1965 Galaxie 172, 173, 176 (and other models) Tremolo system Complete , Including arm Nickel /chrome, spring, Good condition, Black tip on arm



Hofner Archtop tailpiece late 50's early 60's Very good condition, 1 x available

$ 80 Aud

Hofner Verithin 4574 tailpiece mid - 60's Good condition, Chrome


1961 BIGSBY Bridge  to suit Hofner Verithin that were fitted with Bigsby tremelo systems. . Correct contour base shape for Verithin models. Excellent condition.

$ 80 Aud.

1965 Hofner 4600 Verithin bridge with perspex saddles and rosewood base
Also suits many other models.


1965 Hofner Galaxie / 173 /176 bridge with perspex saddles and height posts ( but without the body post inserts


1965 Hofner Compensator tailpiece  THIN body version. RARE, nickel. VGC,
Suits several models, Senator thin President thin, and others.


Hofner 6 string Club, 40, 50 or 60  tailpiece ,  EXC nickel.


1965 Hofner 4600 Verithin Lyre tailpiece , nickel. VGC

$ 150 Aud.

1960's Hofner H tremelo tailpiece , GOLD. GC , some pitting, no arm or spring.
Email for more photos.

$ 120 Aud.


1960's Hofner Committee , tailpiece VGC 2 x available


                       PICKGUARDS. PICKUP ASSEMBLIES And Cover plates (used - vintage)

1965 Hofner truss rod cover VGC

$ 35 Aud.

1963 Hofner pickup frames , narrow, short ( hard to find ) and tall from a 63 Verithin. but will suit other models. $40 each


1964 Hofner pickup frames , narrow, short ( hard to find ) and tall from a 63 Verithin. but will suit other models. SHORT FRAME NOW SOLD    $40 each

$ 40 Aud.

1967 Hofner pickup frames , WIDE , height adjust style for blade pickups
( hard to find ) from a 67 Verithin. but will suit other models.
$45 each
FRAMES ONLY.  ( without pickups)

2 x 1967 Hofner Blade pickups as shown below, now available, just back from a  being  restored/rewound.  
Neck p/u TOP = $175 Aud
Bridge p/u $195 Aud

$ 45 Aud.


$350 Aud if buying both

Click on the photo below

1965 Hofner 4600 Verithin staple humbucker , suits many models. Strong, works well. VGC

$ 135 Aud.

1950's Hofner Neck mount jazz pickup.


1963 Hofner Verithin Diamond logo pickups, short ( neck position ) and standard for bridge , also suits other models. Appear to be buffed and replated. working well. VGC  $ 135 each

$ 135 Aud.

1967 Hofner Blade 176 Galaxie  pickups, also suits other solidbody models. Fully restored, rewound and working well. VGC  


1965 Hofner 4600 Verithin height adjustable, wide pickup frame to suit staple pickups , rare  2 available. $ 45 each

$  45 Aud

1963 Hofner wiring loom, switches and pots etc for model 173 solid body electric


1963 Hofner 4 Position rotary switch suits 173 model and some Galaxie models


1966 Hofner Upper bout tripe switch assembly. Various models (i.e: Triple pickup Verithin etc. ) for various rare models. NOS unused



1965 Hofner Soundmix assembly. Active 9Volt /Passive.
Pickguard assembly
for various rare models. NOS Tested and working

$ 395 Aud

Pickguard assembly for 173 Hofner 6 string solidbody elec. 3 pickup version with 4 knobs SOLD and 3 switches Approx, 1967  GC 
Just this guard alone is now available, no other parts attached $125 Aud

$ xxxx

Electrical switches controls and rotary switch on a FREE Pickguard for 176 / Galaxie  Hofner 6 string solidbody elec. suits 3 staple humbucker  pickup Approx, 1965  GC.   

On Hold / SOLD
$ 140 Aud

Pickguard for model 164 (BLACK) for 1965 Hofner Colorama 2 pickup / 4 control knob type    6 string electric. VGC , no cracks, normal wear.


Pickguards for 173 Hofner 6 string solidbody elecs. 3 pickup versions
1 x 1960 celluloid guard, suits 3 x toaster pickups and switch panel  SOLD
1 x Metal guard 1961-63  suits diamond logo pickups and rotary selector type SOLD
1 x 1967 celluloid guard, suits 3 xBlade pickups 4 control knobs. W/B

$125 each



Pickguard for 175 / Galaxie  Hofner 6 string solidbody elec. suits 3 Diamond logo Hofner  pickups Approx, 1963  GC.   W/B/W celluloid, worn lettering.

$ 125 Aud

Pickguard for 176 / Galaxie  Hofner 6 string solidbody elec. suits 3 blade pickup Approx, 1967  GC.    NOS

$ 125 Aud

Pickguard for model 164 (BLACK) for 1965 Hofner Colorama 2 pickup / 4 control knob type    6 string electric. VGC , no cracks, normal wear.

$ 70 Aud.

Pickguard (BLACK multiply ) for 1967 Hofner 471-477 models, sharp florentine cutaway arch-top VGC. RARE

$ 120 Aud.

Pickguard (BLACK multiply ) for 1967 Hofner Verithin sharp Florentine cutaway and other models VGC. RARE Without bracket.

$ 140 Aud.

Pickguard Black/White/Black celluloid for 1960 Hofner Solidbody electric bass. Toaster type pickups. Possibly 182 bass ?, very early  GC. RARE. In tact, can be cleaned polished and it is certainly useable.

$ 120 Aud.

Pickguard (BLACK multiply ) for 1964-5 (wide pickup frame. Hofner Verithin and similar models, s VGC. with Original bracket and screw


Hofner 1961-2  172, 173 (and other models) Tremolo Front coverplates ,chrome good condition


Hofner 1964 176 Galaxie (and other models) Tremolo Front coverplate ,chrome  good condition


Hofner 1964 Galaxie172, 173 (and other models) Tremolo Rear coverplate ,black celluloid laminate , white underneath,Good condition one screw hole broken.

$ 20 Aud

                       Misc. (used - vintage)

1965 Hofner Colorama  164 , 4 x thin shaft pots.RARE

$ 35 Aud. each

Control knob VOLUME / TONE knobs for mid 1960's Hofner 172/173 & many other models, Verithin etc. Extremely good condition, best quality



Control knob VOLUME / TONE knobs for 1960's Hofner 172/173 & many other models, aged cream.

$ 35 Aud each

NECK PLATE and screws. Galaxie 964 - USED. chrome


1965 Hofner chrome neckplate and 4 screws . VGC, 1 set available

$ 25 Aud.

Early 1960's Vintage 172-173 (and other models) Hardcase for solidbody electric

$ 200 Aud

173 (and other models) String tree/ bar and screws. Mid60's+- USED. chrome

$ 25 Aud


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THE Michael Naglav HOFNER Guitars - Made In Germany

I am pleased to offer this fantastic 161 page Hofner reference Book..

Written in English and German ( All in the same book)

<click on the book image to see what's inside>

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Made In Germany

by Norbert Schnepel and Helmuth Lemme

Makers included in this book are

Dynacord,Este, Framus, Glassl, Hofner, Hopf, Hoyer,

Klira, Lang, Neubauer,Roger, Shadow

165 Pages in Hardcover of the most accurate information and pictures on models of Archtop Jazz guitars, Solidbodies, basses. Although in the German language, ALSO   comes with the additional English language printed booklet.

165 page German guitar reference Book..

NOTE  Written in German, but does come with the English printed additional booklet.

<click on the book image to see what's inside>

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For any other Hofner parts inquiries or photo's please e-mail me at  

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Australia.  4670