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Vintage Bass Guitar For Sale - Total Value For Money!

Great guitars offer a great variety of vintage bass guitars for sale. I frequently update the stocks to offer my patrons vintage bass guitars for sale. I have a wide range to offer of collectable, unusual, rare, vintage and very desirable basses. My consistency and personalised service is what sets Great Guitars apart from the competition.

There are many great desirable bass guitars for players and collectors of all styles of music. Great Guitars stock interesting and exciting basses, sought after instruments. Major brands such as Fender Jazz and Precision basses, Rickenbacker, Hofner basses , MusicMan, Ernie Ball and more. Classic players solidbody electric basses, acoustic, fretless and even upright basses.

Customers are drawn to to sell their instruments, to change or upgrade to another sound or style they are pursuing. Some wanting to trade instruments to make their next purchase possible or just for the convenience in not having to advertise to sell instruments privately. I’m asked to find great examples of hard to find instruments or import an instruments internationally. As a full time guitar technician, I also offer a services which cover the instruments structural integrity, fretwork, neck resets, service and restoration work or specific setup requirements.

To give you a correct idea of the guitars on sale I log a detailed description of all the instruments available for sale. If you have any query about an instrument on sale feel free to give me a call. My mobile phone number is 0412-438 478.

For any other Hofner parts inquiries or photo's please e-mail me at  

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Great Guitars
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