Vintage 1990’s (’95) FENDER Blues De Ville 212 60 Watt Valve with reverb Tweed amp. USA Made.


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Vintage 1990’s S# T-063315   ( approx 94-96 )   Circuit stamped date 04-95

Blues De Ville 212
60 Watt Valve
with reverb

USA Made. 60 watt, valve, reverb.
2 x 12 ” speakers  Original

The DeVille features a 60-watt valve amplifier with three 12AX7 preamp valves and two 6L6 output valves. Its circuitry includes full PCB with valves and pots mounted directly to the circuit board. The speakers included are of the Fender Special Design Eminence series, the 212 containing a pair of 12” Celestion A-Type speakers

All original except for the very tastefully done, easy read black with white print control panel overlay.
Diagonal tweed covered, cleaned an detailed. For it’s age, remarkably good cosmetic condition and great functionality.

One small but very acceptable patch repair on the centre of the grill cloth.
Not overly noticeable.

These amps sound amazing.
And very VERY loud.

Well cared for and approaching 25+ years old.

VGC, with genuine original footswitch.