1962 Vintage GUYATONE LG-70 Badged as  Barclay model 1830

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Badged as
model 1830

1962 Guyatone LG-70 Barclay 1830 Electric guitar White finish .
Completely original with all original parts INCLUDING The grey tipped tremolo bar.
Features a volume control for each pickup. Rocker switches to turn each pickup on or off and a rocker switch for two choices of tone selection.

and matching Barclay valve amp set. Excellent

Whether you collect, vintage or guitars and amps of this period or Japanese instruments or collect  Jimi Hendrix related guitars and equipment as a part of his story,
This item will be of interest to many.

This is one of those special moments where you have the good fortune to find something that has been stored under the bed or in a cupboard for decades and it’s condition is just sooooo good.

Perfect working order.
Very collectable.


ABOUT THIS GUITAR  This guitar is in VG.EXC+ condition and in the original Stamford hard case. also in remarkably fine and collectable condition.  The guitar has a matching Barclay valve amplifier from the same era in this collection which makes a very rare combination. Tis model has been identified as the very same model bought by Jimi Hendrix as his very first guitar.

YEARS Manufactured : 1959-1963
MODEL Hoshino 1830 Guyatone LG-70
SERIAL NUMBER AND YEAR 1962 serial number :N/A

BARCLAY was the “House” brand for Brash Suttons in Victoria, Australia. They represented the first of the Australian Japanese imports. They were  made by various manufacturers including Guyatone and Hoshino in Japan and were distributed world wide.  They appeared as a number of brands, Barclay and Jason in Australia, Goldentone and others in the US. Early Barclays were from Guyatone and later they included Hoshino distributed guitars. Whilst these guitars were made by Guyatone they were distributed by Hoshino hence they carry a Hoshino model number. They were very much aimed at the beginner with heavy squarish necks. This example as it came out of the factory in it’s Original Australian Made Stamford case.

The Bizarre Guitar book identifies this guitar on page 2 as the Guyatone LG-70. Jimi Hendrix first guitar was a right handed Ibanez 1830
The Bizarre guitar book which represents the best authority on early Japanese guitars identifies this as the Guyatone LG-70 The paramount manufacturers of guitars and guitar components in Japan during the 1950’s and early 60’s were Guyatone and the Tokyo Sound factory. They represent both wholesale and retail sales . There were a number of styles and bodies, necks, fittings, pickups etc. Retailers could literally build their own retail packages. This guitar for instance came with bolt on or glued in neck. This would have been done to circumvent certain countries import duties. It is also seen in block colours like this one, natural and sunburst finishes with painted or natural finishes on the neck and headstock dependant on the retailers requirements.


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