Trading or Selling

Trading or selling your instruments privately can sometimes be an inconvenient and unpleasant experience. It can be expensive and a waste of MONEY, time and effort.

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • You are wanting to sell a single instrument or a whole collection and you don’t feel like advertising in a newspaper.
  • You have tried consigning the instrument with the local music store….waited over six months with no result!
  • You have tried selling privately or on the net ( Ebay perhaps?) without success.
  • It’s just too much hassle trying to sell….it takes too long….need the money NOW!
  • You are wary of having strangers in your home

This might suit you best!

You may prefer a simple trouble free CASH SALE or TRADE on other items. If your guitar is something I am able to use on the GREAT GUITARS website and your asking price is reasonable

Consider the following.

Let us agree on a price which best suits us both. A straight out clean-cut, no hassle purchase or trade.  No waiting for your consignment to sell. I’m as generous and considerate as I can possibly be when buying and very reasonable and never ‘greedy’ or ‘hungry’ when I’m selling.

That way, everyone is happy! 

PLEASE…. Let me know the price YOU are asking. I will promptly and respectfully reply to your email and let you know if I am able to purchase your item.

Many people view these WebPages and the numbers are always increasing. This is a great place for people from all over the world to find the instrument that inspires them, for players or people who just want to collect or make an investment.

Interesting quality vintage instruments and related equipment. Generally the type of guitars and items you see on my instrument list Gallery are what I enjoy.

Please contact with me direct with any questions you may have on +61 412 438 478 or 0412 438 478

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