Vintage 1964 Fender Tremolux head


1964 Vintage FENDER Tremolux

Blackface Amp head.
S# A 03688

Original Australian edition with 240V switchable transformer. Collectable. With re-issue footswitch. VGC

NL stamp on tube chart indicates

Perfect working order.
Very collectable.

More details up soon.

The FENDER TREMOLUX amplifier was first made in 1955 as a 15 watt amp then increased to 35 watts by the end of production in 1966

This amp is a very original “Blackface”. The circuit code, build date, “Fender Electrical Instrument Co” notation ,all point to a completely original 1964 amplifier.

In 1965 CBS bought Fender and a name change to Fender Musical Instruments. Subsequently post 1965 instruments and amplifiers have lesser appeal to collectors. The value for collectors and players of these amps is very much determined by the originality, condition, being pre CBS takeover (1965) and the circuit.

This amp meets all the criteria. It is genuine ‘Blackface” and has the desirable AB763 circuit.

Genuine original Fender product pre 1966 are highly collectable.

Some changes, transformer, caps and resistors, volume pot. detailed list from the amp tech
, recent service with 2 x Sovtek 5881WXT valves, Matched pair, BIAS amp and clean etc.

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