1964 GOLDENTONE Bassmaster 20 Made in Australia   RM (Rose Morris)  Bassmaster 20 combo amplifier. Model 1755

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Bassmaster 20

Made in Australia

RM (Rose Morris)
Bassmaster 20 
combo amplifier. Model 1755


This is a single Rola speaker combo amplifier RARELY FOUND.
Rose Morris show this model in the 1963/64 catalogue and the earliest date found so far is June of 1964. The gold cabinet and the gold straight pattern grill cloth mark it as probably the second or third version. This amp was manufactured around the 18th September 1964
( Date on the speaker choke)

Bassmasters are always better as guitar amps.

These amps used 6DQ6A valves, giving them a unique tone. These valves were commonly available in Australia than valves used in imported amps as they were used in black and white tv sets. Rola supplied the single 12″ speaker. They were specially made for bass use and are 12″ diameter and 7.5″ deep. Almost twice the depth of a 12P and weighed around 4Kg. Code 12UEG, E for electric, G for guitar and the combination of these speakers and valves make these combo amps much sought after today.


Cabinet size

23″ wide x 23″ high x 12″ deep

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