1964 Vintage MATON Flamingo Electric guitar Model F555

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Electric guitar
Model F555

1964 Vintage MATON Flamingo
Original Australian made Solidbody electric 2 p/u with tremelo. Stamford hardcase. VGC 

Serial Number 1269

Called the PINK FLAMINGO, but this one is obviously a bright original finish orange/red colour.

An unusual and rare model here differing from the earlier models as this design has a lower treble horn
Earlier models do not have the treble horn.
This is very much a playable guitar with chimey 60’s vintage tone. It has original checked finish
( except the addition of a light coat of cream finish at the arm rest area )
Original tuners, pickups, three-way gear stick selector, controls and tremelo.
The bridge has been updated to a more modern Schaller type for accurate intonation.
Very cool and quite an affordable entry for both players or someone wanting to build their rare vintage Maton collection.

This Maton Flamingo is the later Stratocaster shape not usually associated with Flamingo’s.
This guitar has the original pickups switches and original pick guard. The serial number indicates 1964-1965 build.
Along with it’s big brother, The FyrByrd, the two models were the most prolifically produced Maton electrics of the sixties
and as such hold a special place in the memories of Australian guitarists.

The white/red colour combination is quite striking .  Although these guitars represented probably the largest production volume of Maton electrics in the 1960’s
they are surprisingly hard to come by, particularly the first harsh cutaway model.
The love it or hate it body shape continued the Maton tradition of being different and original along with the pioneering work in the use of Australian timbers.


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