1967 Elite Florentine. Hollowbody electric guitar ( project)

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This is a 1967 Vintage Elite Florentine Hollowbody electric guitar Model 502V

Fair to Good condition, playable but with room for improvement for the budding restorer.


The guitar is working and is playable but can be improved.
Mostly in original condition. Original tuners, pickups pots, trem tailpiece etc, All original.
The trem arm is new, probably Bigsby. The pickguard is a new replica. One control knob is a newer replacement.

The body shows quite severe lacquer checking lines that have opened to the level of delaminating. With care, they can each be caringly glue rubbed and clamped back to near flat and each line then sealed and lacquered if required. All electrics work, It has a good sounding neck pickup with some nice body and warmth in the tone. The volume and tone controls may be in wrong position ( swapped neck to bridge ) but maybe it was made that way.

The truss rod works. The nut could be a better type but it’s it’s OK as is., Just a bit awkward as it is the type with holes in the side of the adjusting barrel. These are the type usually seen on 60’s Solidbody guitar necks that are usually adjusted at the butt end of the neck.

The action is OK, and as mentioned , playable but with room for improvement.

Selling As-Is.   No case

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