1971 SHO BUD model 6139 10 string pedal steel Vintage


Presently in as-is condition, just assembled cleaned and displayed. It has been plugged in and confirmed as functioning.
A new set of D’Addario Pro steels 10 string set EPS490 fitted.
The linkages and rods not yet set-up and adjusted.

1971 Vintage SHO BUD model 6139 10 string pedal steel,

6139 Single Neck 10 strings 3 pedals, 1 knee lever 6139

This instrument is a great affordable way of getting into a real Vintage Sho Bud pedals steel without the doubled price tag.
It is an early red refinish, It was most likely the same colour originally but tiny areas of overspray can be seen on the edges of the some metal fittings.
Generally E9 tuning setups on these instruments but research indicates that there are many personalised ideas and custom variations possible.

Originally purchased from Top Gear Music in Denmark St London in the 1970’s and brought to Australia and used professionally for decades until being stored for at least the past 20 years.  This Sho Bud will require a fine tuneset-up but without doubt be once again able to deliver those magical sounds that Sho Bud instruments area famous for.

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