1981 MATON Country Gold STAR TAMWORTH  Only six were made between 1981-86 RARE!  Excellent!

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Country Gold

 Only six were made between 1981-86
RARE!  Excellent!.

Lindsay Butler
Made in Australia

1981 Vintage MATON ‘Country Gold Star’
Tamworth guitar. 
Lindsay Butler signature Golden honey clear finish
Gold hardware.
A thinline semi acoustic with centre block, just like the classic 335 but with selected DiMarzio pickups, original to the design of this guitar.

Based on the design of the Maton Pro 58/80 Jazz Rock guitar
But with personal appointment selection by Lindsay Butler

This guitar will appeal to many, collectors of vintage guitars in general, those who love the famous Maton brand;
collectors of rare guitar and enthusiasts wanting guitars that really are top quality and play well.

I must say, my first impressions were, wow, the case is in such good order, the latches still have a shine and the brown covering was clean and not scuffed or torn. I couldn’t wait to open up the case to see what was inside. This guitar gleams, it shines, it is honey gold natural finish.  Most of the gold plating is still bright and shiny. The top is spruce and the back and sides are a lovely figured rock maple.

More info to be put up but I will guarantee there will be plenty of interest in this guitar. It is a collectable in great condition with is fantastic condition original case and warranty card.

I will do my best to provide more photo’s as required, Please feel free to email.



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