2005 approx. HERITAGE   COLONIAL 50 Watt Boutique amp head and 2 x 12 Celestion speaker cabinet

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50 Watt
Boutique amp head
2 x 12 Celestion speaker cabinet
(Closed back)
Quality, Rare,
Playable & Collectable.

Cream tolex, modern stylish and a great looking versatile amp worthy of being in home furniture.

Amp weighs approx 14  kg
Speaker box weighs approx 21kg

The Colonial
A versatile take on a classic 50 watt design. This circuit has been used in Tweed and Plexi style amps with small changes giving them their unique voice. The Colonial uses this same base circuit, but offers user options that allow the amplifier to be setup like a Tweed or Plexi style amp.

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Heritage Amplifiers were handmade in Brentwood, Tennessee. No longer in production.

Heritage Amplifiers of Tennessee was a guitar amplification company owned by Maclane Corporation Incorporated. The company was formed in January 2004 by Malcolm MacDonald and Lane Zastrow. Lane was a veteran of the music industry and a former Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Gibson Guitar Company. Lane headed up the sales and marketing of the Heritage Guitar Company of Kalamazoo.

The design team was headed by Paul Cochrane and cabinet design by Peter Mather. The line included amplifiers which range from producing warm, fat, American tones, to the classic “midrange” crunch of British valve amps. [Source: Waybackmachine ]

Models included The Colonial, The Briton, The Briton II, The Victory, The Kenny Burrell, The Liberty.


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