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Les Paul

Limited Edition

Made in USA

1976 Vintage GIBSON Les Paul Special
Limited Edition,
Tobacco burst. 2 x P-90 pickups.
Mahogany slab body. Old refret.
Wrap around stop tailpiece.

Old refret, flat wide jumbos.
Two piece slab body, joined about middle.
Three piece neck to prevent twisting.
Weight is 4.3 kg
Neck profile is thin flattened C shape up at the 1st to 3rd frets…progressively tapers up to quite wide and chunkier at the 12th -15th frets and to the join
medium thin neck, good width.
Nut width is 42 mm

Orig case. Player!

I will do my best to provide more photo’s as required,
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NOTES: Strap button moved from the top back position to the top side bout.

NOTES: Tuners changed many years ago from Kluson to vintage Grover.

NOTES: Gold plated brass jack plate.

NOTES: Original pots and untouched solder joints, Original pickups and toggle EXC!

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