Hofner Clear Guard


Although I’m no longer making the gold border clear guards for vintage Committee’s and other models, I do still have some stock of the plain clear guards for the 1950’s models and am once again making CUSTOM MADE GUARDS in original Pearloid celluloid. Contact me to let me know what you need.

CLEAR REPLICA GUARDS for Vintage Hofner archtop guitars

The clear guards fitted to the early high end 50’s and 60’s archtops were fragile and many cracked and were removed.

Years of performing restoration work and supplying parts for vintage Hofner instruments has led me to improvise on many occasions and, by hand, make replica parts including pickguards. Mostly the perloid type. I have made several attempts at making the clear guards but was never totally satisfied until recently. I like the look of these and I hope you do. They are not the vintage original but it’s the next best thing. Clear guards that have not been available for many years. Below are some photo’s showing the results of my efforts to make the replicas. Let me know what you think.

Amongst the photo’s I have included an original broken Hofner guard for comparison. The clear guard has a nice rounded type bevelled edge. The gold/clear guard has a two facet bevelled edge. Gold trim hand painted in the engravings.

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