Ibanez Soundtank TS-5 Tube Screamer pedal


Ibanez Soundtank TS-5 Tube Screamer pedal
USED with Original box, VGC  $150 Aud



  • TS5: The plastic TS5 “Soundtank” followed the TS10 and was available until 1999. The TS5 circuit is very similar to the TS9; however, it was made for Ibanez in Taiwan by Daphon, although designed by Maxon as referenced by Maxon’s history website. The first year of production had a metal casing; afterwards, the casing was made out of plastic (which resulted in more noise than a typical TS808/TS9 box made out of metal). However, these plastic versions still have a shielded and grounded metal bottom plate for a slight interference reduction plus the needed weight to keep the pedal from sliding because of its light weight.

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