LUTHIER LOURDES UNCILLA SPAIN ( six-course Jose Pages guitar from around 1800 ).

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( six-course Jose Pages guitar from around 1800 ).

Six-course 12 string transitional instrument between the Baroque guitar and the 19th century six string guitar.

Rosewood back and sides and spruce and ebony fretboard. Natural wax top finish with lacquered back and sides. Friction peg tuning.

Described as somewhere between Romantic guitar
and 12 string.

World class lutherie. Must see.
Comes with custom made Spanish hardcase.

This is made so incredibly well and is amazingly light
at just a few grams over one kilo.

Scale length = 650 mm
Overall length = 960 mm
Body depth upper side bout = 98 mm
Body depth lower side bout = 102 mm


This guitar is a reproduction by master luthier Lourdes Uncilla, of a six course ( 12 string )
Jose Page’s guitar from around 1800

The six course guitar is the transitional instrument between the baroque guitar and the 19th century
six string guitar. This guitar has rosewood for the back and sides and a spruce top and an ebony fingerboard.
The finish is natural wax for the top and lacquer for the sides and back.
The back of the neck is lacquered black which is typical for the style.
Comes with a custom made Spanish case.

Composers who wrote specifically for this instrument include Boccherini, Moretti, Abreu,
Ballestro, and Juan Antonio de Vasgras y Guzman.
Various stringing options existed during the time of the six course guitar.
This instrument is currently strung with octaves on the bass.
The sound of the guitar is incredibly sweet and might be described as somewhere between a romantic guitar
and a 12 string guitar.

Lourdes Uncilla’s active involvement with the construction of plucked string instruments
according to historical criteria began in the 1980’s when she was working along side
Jose Miguel Moreno. Since that time she has been untiringly committed to the art of the lutherie.
She has made instruments for leading international concert artists and teachers alike,
additionally participating in in reconstruction and reproduction projects of instruments including those instruments
depicted in the frescoes of Valencia Cathedral.

Lourdes Uncilla holds a degree from the Conservatorio Superior de Musica
in Madrid in string and keyboard instruments

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