Motion Sound AR112 Sidewinder Rotary Guitar Amplifier


USED, Excellent condition combo amp. A fantastic spinning rotary cone sound that is great for guitar or blues harp or just adding to opening up your imagination. The gain allows for a huge range of drive and distortion. Also benefitted by having a 12AX7 tube preamp. More details in the specs description above

Not an overly heavy combo amp, easily lifted , specs show it as 40lb, = 18.14 kg
These amps are no longer made.    It is a USA Made amp and is a very interesting addition to any players range of equipment.

Just serviced and checked over by BJ Amps, Redbank Plains Qld. Footswitch cable improved/replaced also a new accutronics reverb tank.
All working well.

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A Super Symmetrical clean/overdrive 12AX7 pre-amp with pre and post EQ, and a real mechanical Rotor with fast/slow/stop footswitch and adjustable speed controls, combines lush rotary chorus and classic tremolo with traditional non-rotary Guitar 100 watt RMS amplification!

The AR-112 SideWinder can be used with an AB switch to route your guitar to your amp or to the AR-112 when rotary chorus and tremolo are needed. Since the AR-112 has a Stop control on the footswitch, you can also use it as your only amp switching from stop to preset slow or fast speed as your music demands. The 12AX7 overdrive gain control can be subtle, or super blues with sustain, and has all the warmth and soul only a real tube can provide. The pre tube contour control allows you to even the overdrive from low notes to screaming highs by adjusting the tone before it hits the 12AX7. Post tube EQ and volume controls can then adjust the sound, as you desire.

1/4 in. input 12AX7-pre amp channel with contour, bass, treble, gain, and volume controls provides tone from silky smooth to fat even overdrive with real tube warmth and soul.

Pre amp gain trim adjusts for tube variance and pickup types

XLR microphone input for harp routed through 12AX7

A 100-watt RMS power amp

12 in. Eminence Legend 121 guitar speaker

Accutronics classic spring reverb with EQ

Kick on the rotary system footswitch (2 button provided) and set slow speed for lush 3D organic chorus effect. Rev up to fast speed for incredible real classic rotary tremolo.

Adjustable fast/slow and acceleration controls

Supplied 2-button LED footswitch with 15 in. cord.

Set the acceleration control for fast/slow ramp up and down times or hit Stop to provide standard non-rotary amplification.

Auto-Stop stops the rotor facing forward for consistent non-rotary amplification

Built in dynamic microphone to XLR for line out

VGC, with genuine original footswitch


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