Vintage 1955 HOFNER Committee Brunette acoustic jazz guitar


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Vintage 1955 Hofner Committee Brunette finish, acoustic jazz guitar

Made in Germany.

These are stunning figured birdseye maple back and sides. Spruce top. Maple neck
Very ornate pearl inlaid headstock with engraved goldfish eyes and tail featuring at the top and lovely pegface inlays and detail. Also the fingerboard is a work of art with multiple sections of strips of celluloid, ebony, rosewood and of course lot’s of pearl.
17 1/2 ” body width
3 1/4 ” side wall body depth
Arched top and back
25″ scale length

Pre truss rod models commonly have thicker rounder necks which give the feel that it is slightly narrower feel in the neck width than expected.
This particular guitar has been played, well played but well cared for. It does show signs of it’s many years or having some edge chips, a few case scrapes and wear on the back of the neck but this is genuine true character. For many years this guitar has been played without a pickguard. There is some pick wear to the top which has been lightly given some some sealer and lacquer detail to improve the appearance but not to hide it completely. With a custom replica original clear perspex guard and original bracket fitted, the look is back to how it once was.

Overall, structurally very good, playability very good. It has original tuners, original bridge, original tailpiece and although the hard case is original it is very worn and will be improved with some care and restoration prior to the guitar being sold.  This guitar will be a stunning addition to any guitar collection.

Excellent straight neck, light relief, lacquer wear on the back of the neck, as described above.|
good original frets, does not require any work. Does not require a neck reset.
Full set-up and detail , new 11-50 Plectrum Thomastik-Infeld strings.
Good-Very good condition.

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